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With over 15 Year of experience in the fitness industry, we have exactly what you need to achieve a workout that is fit for your fitness journey. Tailored to your needs our studio is filled with professional grade equipment to help you get your most time effective workout. With options for every budget, we are happy to help you kick-start your goals by offering gym memberships, personal training or small group classes in an intimate environment.


Our Personal Trainers are certified through the best Fitness Certification Boards in the country. Our experience, education and ability to creatively adapt to our client's personal needs has set us apart from other Training Facilities. Whether you're a competitive Athlete or have just begun your journey to get fit, we will create an exercise program tailored to your needs. We use sport-specific conditioning, intense full body circuits, strength training and endurance training in our custom workouts. High-intensity workouts can be performed by any person looking to improve their fitness. Our exercise programs are guaranteed to produce the results you need.



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Gym Memberships

With a gym membership, you have access to our intimate facility. You will be trained on how to use our state or the arch equipment to achieve your best workout. 

Monthly Fee


Starter Fee


Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers have the experience and education to create a workout that is fit for you no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Help with meal planning and nutrition. 

60 Minute Session



Semi-Personal Training 

$45 per person

(Two Person Training)

Group Classes 

Small Group classes can range from

3 - 6 people in a group circuit. It's a fun and affordable way to achieve your workout.  

4 Classes    



6 Classes



12 Classes 



*Contact Gym for Pricing on Sports conditioning classes* 

Our Facility 

Our Facility

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